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A Yuletide Mystery

A Yuletide Mystery

A man vanishes without a trace from a Tudor Manor House, a family feud explodes and a telephone call to say someone will die before midnight on Christmas Eve.

The Stanton family are hosting their annual Yuletide party for the villagers when Percival Stanton, a distinguished history professor, disappears. Old family feuds, a near-fatal car accident, professional rivalries and a ghostly apparition complicate the search for Percy.

Ant and Lyn have twelve hours to solve this fiendishly complex case before time runs out - and the threat that someone will die. As they uncover conflicting clues that point to a sinister plot, the pressure is on our amateur sleuths to find Percival  before it's too late.

Set in the evocative landscape of Norfolk, this baffling Christmas-themed cozy mystery with its thread of humour, a bucketful of snow, sparkly decorations and growing romance between our two lead characters, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end - and put you in the mood for a cracking Christmas!

A Yuletide Mystery is the sixth book in the Norfolk Cozy Mystery series that features fast-paced action, surprising plot twists and compelling characters.

If you like the Faith Martin, Joy Ellis or Betty Roland Mysteries, then you'll love Keith Finney's Norfolk Cozy Mystery thrillers.

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Series: Norfolk Cozy Mysteries, Book 6
Genre: Cozy Mysteries
ISBN: 9781838230616
List Price: £9.99
eBook Price: £2.35
It seems difficult to believe that this is the sixth book in this very enjoyable series and it has been a very enjoyable experience so far seeing the characters evolve, and also seeing the author's confidence increase as the series has progressed. As the title suggests this mystery is set just before Christmas and around the party that Ant's family puts on for the villagers. Ant's rather antisocial uncle disappears and Ant, Lyn and Detective Peter Riley team up again to resolve conflicting clues and uncover a conspiracy, all set against a rather unpleasant family feud within Ant's family and a medical emergency for Ant's father. Although this is a genuine mystery story it is lightened by some humour, especially between Ant and Lyn, whose relationship continues to grow.
– Godiva 2000
I love this series of books. Ant and Lyn are so likeable and the stories are warm and comforting. Settle down with a drink and a blanket and enjoy.
– KM
This latest adventure is set around the traditional Christmas family get together at Stanton Hall. All the action takes place on Christmas Eve and there is a nice mix of old family feuds to intrigue the reader. The usual characters are present with the interaction between Ant and Lyn being fleshed out. Never a dull moment for these two!
– Peter R
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